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Membership Information

     We are happy to introduce our renewed official website and the Membership Program as our new service. Included in our new membership program, you can easily access to special advantages for all of your reservations which you will make over our website and call center.

     Membership program is only available for reservations that you will make over our website and call center.

     You can get registered from the section named “Be a Member” included in upper right corner of our website page After registration, you can start benefiting from special prices and advantages via “Member Login”.

     You can benefit from additional discount b being a member. When you are included in our membership program, system automatically applies special discounts to all prices in all bookings which you will make via our call center team or over our website.

To Be a Member

  1. Fill the information required in registration section.
  2. Approve your membership by clicking on the link sent to your e-mail.
  3. Fill all required information in “Membership Settings” section by carrying out a member login.
  4. Please make sure that all information in membership settings are accurate, because you will not be able to make changes.
  5. After completing membership settings, enjoy the special discounts available just for you.

Our Special Advantages for Members

  1. You only need to login to access our advantageous prices. After member login, all our prices are shown to you exclusively by the system.
  2. If you have accommodated in any Delphin hotel in the past, a discount will be automatically identified for your access up to you accommodation number within the scope of our permanent guest program.
  3. You can have more advantageous prices in early reservation period.
  4. You will be notified about additional discounts and special advantages related to certain periods first.
  5. You can manage your reservations easily.
  6. You can make requests complying with your personal wishes.
  7. You can have access to special offers exclusive for your access and habit.s
Your Past Delphin Accommodation Will Provide Extra Advantage For You
     After completing your membership registration, when you fill the information in Membership Settings section, a control will be made over your own system and special advantages will be identified to your account within 48 hours. You can get access to our advantageous prices by making a “member login”.
Also, as a member, our website will provide unique advantages for your reservations in every new or later accommodations beginning from January 2020.
Profile Menu Introduction
My Info: This is the page where you will find general information about you.
My Bookings: You can find all bookings that you have made over our website and call center in this page beginning from January 2020.
Payment and Cancellation Policy: You can find your payment methods and cancellation & change facilities related to booking types which you make over our website and call center.
Membership Briefing: This is the page you are on right now. You can find details about membership program here.
My Opportunities: You can track all available promotions and special discounts from this page.
Reservation and Hotel Rules: You can find all rules and requirements that you need about our facilities here.
Profile Settings: You can enter your personal information on this page. After you provided your information, no change will be available.
Help & Support: You can submit all your questions and views and have quick responses from this page.

For all your questions or requests, you can send e-mail to